Images, graphics and printing on glass


We make direct printing on glass. Our images on glass are a unique combination of graphics and design. Graphics on glass is a very modern technique of decorating any modern interior.
Our product which is direct printing on glass, wardrobe wings, glass panels, shower cubicles, glass paintings, glass doors, furniture fronts, tables) is another of our alternatives for interior decoration.

The maximum size of the print on 1 format is 250 cm x 125 cm larger glass, divided into smaller elements.























 On special order of the customer, the ordered glass paintings for the living room kitchen and bathroom are cut to size. They can also have individual holes for electrical sockets or bathroom fittings.

Our wall panels for the wall with graphics are printed on top quality glass. Before printing, each sheet of glass undergoes quality control in order to eliminate possible defects. The glass is subjected to the process of toughening and edge grinding.

Beautiful pictures and prints on glass will be an ideal solution for every modern apartment. Easiness in maintaining cleanliness, indestructibility of glass, as well as its originality make it worth to bet on it and decide on such an undertaking.


The print is made on the inside of the glass. After printing, the surface is perfectly protected and can be assembled using white or transparent tile adhesives and silicones (not containing acetyls, acids, solvents, isocyanates and other acid or caustic substances).

Glass for the kitchen is a great idea, modernity and elegance. The graphics on the glass reflect our customers’ tastes. There are thousands of possibilities: colourful fruit, printing on glass in the kitchen with coffee, city panorama at night or with vegetables. Sky is the limit.



Paintings on glass on the wall in the bathroom or by the bath will give the interior a modern and original character.
Graphics on glass in the shower enclosure are currently a market trend. Such glass will of course have all the necessary holes for the fittings.


We print our images on glass on several types of glass:
float glass + edge grinding
optiwhite glass + edge grinding
float glass + toughening + edge grinding
optiwhite glass +hardening + edge grinding

We print on 4mm glass as standard, but we are able to print on glass up to 10mm thick.

In the kitchen a very elegant and modern solution is to place a picture on glass on the wall between the worktop and cabinets or between the hob and the eaves.


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