Images on glass

UV printing

Is extremely resistant to mechanical damage and sunlight.


Toughened Glass

Our panels are to be printed on float glass or tempered glass depending on the customer’s budget.


Opti White

Ideal for black and white prints where 100% white is extremely valuable.


2,5 m x 1,25 m

Is the maximum printing area of our plotter.

Printing on glass


Graphics on glass is a modern form of emphasizing individuality and creativity. Thanks to it, you can freely introduce new design into the interior. We take pictures on glass according to the customer’s idea, design, so each time it is an individually selected pattern giving the interior a unique effect, which also reflects the expectations of the customer. Printing on glass in UV technology allows for original interior design. The glass panels used by us for the kitchen are not only a decorative element, but also a very practical solution in maintaining cleanliness. It is a modern and attractive finish of every kitchen made with the highest quality.

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Glass panels

In the kitchen or bathroom is currently the most commonly used material to replace classic tiles.

Printing photos on glass Lacobel panels

It is an innovative yet customized solution that is gaining in popularity. Glass in residential and commercial areas makes them more spacious and optically larger, so it is ideal for both small and large areas. The most commonly used solutions with printed on glass are: shower walls, decors, light points, panels over kitchen worktops, zone walls, glass railings or doors of built-in cabinets. Now the versatile use of glass is available for everyone. A kitchen with character or a dream bathroom is now within reach. Thanks to the modern use of glass, the rooms we stay in will be different than all of them.

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Glass panels – Glass for the kitchen, bathrooms

Glass panels are an exclusive addition to modern interiors.

Apart from their aesthetic function, they give the character of a room, separate zones and are light points.

Bathroom glass printed with the UV method allows for easy cleaning by cleaning the panel itself, as the print is on the bottom of the panel. The same principle is used for kitchen glass.

Glass for the kitchen can be installed between the cabinets and the worktop, which will make it much easier to keep clean.

Bathroom and kitchen glass panels are mounted directly to the walls, which protects the print from external influences. By using glass panels in residential interiors, their standard is automatically raised and the whole gets an elegant and luxurious atmosphere.

Already now, the maximum printing area on a single sheet of glass without joints is 200 cm x 300 cm, thanks to our new plotter we are able to print on very large glass formats.

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