Industrial Loft Furniture

The industrial style is rooted in the 1950s. At that time in New York City – a growing recession in the USA, the collapses of many companies, factories and department stores led to the emergence of a huge number of free post-industrial premises.

Warehouses and factories were initially developed mainly by artists, who converted them into their free studios. They brought furniture and accessories found in the former factories, which were dominated by steel and wood, to these rooms. The industrial style is mainly concrete, steel and old wood and space.
The loft furniture is created by our designers, often in close cooperation with the customer, which results in tailor-made models.
Unused industrial elements are often used to create furniture giving it new life and meaning. An obligatory element of this solution, apart from loft furniture, is the exposition of cables, pipes and installations, which add climate to the furniture.
The most popular lofts-style furniture includes metal shelves, swivel chairs or tables with rusty steel legs.
We also make original tables made of tree trunk or sliced trunk.
Loft type furniture is also comfort and elegance. Your lofts must not lack industrial large metal lamps, which symbolize old factories and warehouses.
It is worth remembering that in one room furniture such as chairs and table shelves should be of similar height. In this way you can optically raise the interior and at the same time emphasize the minimalism of the arrangement.

Industrial style is classic and creative. This is furniture that once stood in factories and furniture that we design for the style of industrial furniture.

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