The great-looking murals are returning to their favor.
Wide range of photos and modern application giving the effect of surprise, enlarging the surface, feeling of comfort in a completely different space make it an easy and pleasant way to experiment and play with the arrangement.
The effectiveness of the use of wall murals in commercial rooms is currently a phenomenon that allows to appreciate the craftsmanship and creativity of the designers.

Bedroom wall murals, wall murals, custom-made wall murals ? yes, you will find it all in our offer.

Photowallpapers whose width is greater than 130 cm are printed in strips prepared to be joined to the wall.

The material on which we print our wall murals thanks to its vinyl reinforced structure is waterproof, so it does not stretch or tear.
Our wallpapers are ideal for bonding them in public places such as beauty salons, staircases, pubs and restaurants or shops.
For industrial use, it is recommended to laminate the wallpaper with an impregnant which will protect the product from possible damage or moisture.

It is the wall murals that give the rooms the right atmosphere and detach from the austerity and recently often used so-called raw style.


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30 June 2020

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